Friday, 9 July 2010

12s2-39 feedback

1. the lip-synching was good as there was no audio lag and the lyrics were pronounced clearly
2. the editing was fast and went well with the song also the different colours used were an interesting touch
3. the background was a bit bland bit the glasses were very 90's
4. camerawork was very static with little movement


Lip synching is good could of had close up of lips saying "push it"

the editing is really good, especially liking the colour editing at the end. Lots of quick shots fitted with the music well.

Costumes were retro and went with the feel of the song. The dancing was also appropriate and really good.

The lighting was simple but gave the video and proffessional look as did the camera work with a large vairety of shots and handheld shots used.


Feedback from S2-37

Quality of lip syncing:
Lip syncing was good, was quite limited

Editing choices:
loved the pushing the screen when it said 'push it' and colour changes were really good, added an edge to the video

Mise-en- scene:
sunglasses were a nice touch, chain represented urban genre of music video

Camera Work:
Like the tilted shots, suit the pace of music
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